Why do Tesla Owners Install Additional Dashcams?

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With the rapid advancement of technology and growing concerns about vehicle safety, Tesla is in the spotlight as an innovative leader in the automotive industry. However, a much-debated question is whether Tesla owners should install additional dashcams to enhance vehicle safety and driver protection. First of all, for example, Tesla's best-selling models Model 3 and Model Y come standard with eight cameras that provide robust security, leading some owners to believe that installing their additional dashcams may not be necessary. However, there are still many owners in the Tesla community who choose to additionally install a third-party dashcam. Let's explore this issue today.

(Below is the VS1 installed in Tesla) 


1. Insufficient Recording Time

Many Tesla owners have reported online that Tesla's built-in dashcams may lose recorded footage in the event of an accident. First of all, we have to mention that Tesla's recorder-saving logic is to cover videos within 1 hour in a loop, which may lead to difficulties in finding key footage after an accident. In contrast, Viofo dashcams offer the flexibility to select memory cards as needed, better catering to the varied usage requirements of different users.


2. Poor Video Clarity and Narrow Field of View

Tesla comes with a recorder that may be deficient in clarity and field of view. When it comes to providing evidence for insurance claims and police investigations in the event of accidents, video clarity becomes paramount. Unlike Tesla's dashcams, Viofo dashcams offer various resolution options such as 1080P, 2K, and 4K, specifically designed for different driving scenarios. This ensures clear capture of license plates and surrounding details, even in low-light or nighttime conditions.


3. Lack of Audio Recording Function

Tesla's recorders lack an audio recording feature, which could be pivotal in resolving disputes by providing a more comprehensive perspective of the situation. Particularly for cab drivers, a recorder with audio functionality is essential for safety and complaint resolution. Viofo dashcams all include audio recording features, which can effectively avoid unnecessary disputes.


4. Lack of Relevant Driving Data

In the event of an accident, comprehensive data such as time, speed, and location can offer more substantial information and evidence. However, Tesla's built-in dashcams cannot record this crucial information. On the other hand, Viofo dashcams are equipped with GPS functions, enabling them to effectively capture the time, speed, and location data of the vehicle's journey, thereby providing enhanced support for accident investigations.


In summary, while Tesla's built-in dashcams offer convenience and enhanced safety for car owners, it does come with potential pros and cons. Therefore, we suggest Tesla owners carefully evaluate the advantages and disadvantages and contemplate installing additional Viofo dashcams as a complement. Such a move can extend the recording time, improve clarity, supplement the audio recording function, record complete time, speed, and location information, facilitate insurance claims, and cater to personalized needs more effectively.


Here are the reference videos for installing VIOFO dashcams in Tesla:






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