DashCamTalk Recommended A119 MINI 2 - The Best Bang for Your Buck Dash Cam of 2024

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DashCamTalk is the largest, most influential dashboard camera site on the Internet. The reviews reflect the input from their members and their real user experiences. The ratings are based on 4 primary criteria: Video Quality, Reliability, Price and Size.

Recently, DashCamTalk has published “Best Dash Cams of 2024”. VIOFO A119 Mini 2 is recommended as “The Best Bang for Your Buck Dash Cam of 2024”.



Why DashCamTalk Recommended VIOFO A119 Mini 2?

Best All Around Dash Cam Value:

A119 Mini 2 is regarded as the best all-around dash cam. “VIOFO A119 Mini 2 has great video with Sony STARVIS 2 sensor (with HDR), small discreet wedge shape and reasonable price.”

Video Quality:

“The A119 Mini 2 records 1440P (Quad HD) video at 30fps. Video quality during the day is very good and night quality is very good. The STARVIS 2 sensor gives marginally better video quality showing a bit more detail in both day and night.” The A119 Mini 2 powered by Sony STARVIS 2 sensor can record crisp videos at 2K resolution, and at a sensitivity beyond the human eye in low light environments, bringing low noise, eliminating motion blur, and revealing more details.



*Photos from Dashcamtalk Member Karagandinez’s YouTube channel


A119 Mini 2 features a 1.5″ screen, G-sensor and built-in GPS. The dashcam comes with 5GHz Wi-Fi, voice notification, and 3 parking modes as well. “One new feature on the A119 Mini 2 is Voice Control. The camera supports 10 voice commands in 6 languages (English, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai).”

Best Dash Cam Support:

VIOFO is also mentioned as a dashcam brand with the best support. “VIOFO is responsive to questions and has good support. They also provide regular firmware updates and take into consideration user feedback. VIOFO also provides an 18-month warranty which is better than most dash cams.” We focus on enhancing user experience by offering high-quality products with extensive warranty, extended lifespans, unparalleled customer service, and robust technical support.

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Why VIOFO A119 Mini 2 is Your Ideal Dashcam?

- Sony STARVIS 2 Sensor

- Best All-around Dashcam

- Excellent Video Quality

- Buffered Parking Mode

- Discreet and Reliable


Get your VIOFO A119 Mini 2 now for an enhanced driving experience!

Shop from:

VIOFO Official Website

Amazon US



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