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Frequently Asked Questions

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Apart from all the feaures A119 MINI have, A119 MINI 2 is the first camera equipped with the Sony Newest STARVIS 2 IMX675 sensor and has super light vision with HDR.

It also supports 10 voice commands, so you can control camera without taking your eyes off the road.

You can refer to this FAQ Page when choosing a card.

There are three ways to format the card in A119 MINI 2.

① By camera menu: Select “Format” in the menu of the camera.

② By VIOFO App menu:  Select “Format SD Card” in the setting of VIOFO APP.

③By computer: Select MS-DOS (FAT) in Disk Utility on MacBook; Download the Gui Format tool if you use Windows.

Generally speaking, the REC indicator should remain steady during recording, and when only recording is interrupted, the indicator will flash and the camera will beep to alert you

Most of such unexpected beeps are related to the microSD card.

Please deep format your card or use a new card we recommend.

The box comes with power cable, mount and tapes you need for the installation, but the SD card needs to be purchased separately.

Optional accessories include HK4 and fuse tap for parking mode, CPL to reduce reflections, Bluetooth Control for remote locking.

You need to buy hardwire and fuse tap separately to draw power from your car battery for parking recording.

Once hardwired, the camera will switch to parking mode automatically when your car engine switches off, you will hear a voice notification: Parking recording started.

Here you can find some hardwire kit installation videos.

When camera is powered, turn on "Voice Control" on the menu, then you can control camera recording, WIFI, audio, screen, lock video by saying commands like "Take Photo", "Video Start", "Turn on Screen", "Turn on WIFI", "Lock the video" etc.

Turn on the camera,  then long-press the button on Bluetooth control until the red led turn blue, you can then press again the Bluetooth button and lock vidoes, you will hear voice notification: Video protected.

Camera is equipped with a heat-dissipation block inside and can work normally at a temperature within  -20℃~65℃(-4℉ ~ 149℉).

It is normal that the camera gets hot during recording, you can try to avoid touching it.

It may shut off or restart when overheat, so it is best not to expose the dashcam to direct sunlight or high-temperature for too long.

The transparent films are static stickers, which can be attached to your car windshield before installing the camera. Here is a video for your information.

How to use Static Stickers

There are three ways to reset the camera:
① By screen menu: Stop recording first and enter  "Default Setting" in the menu, then click "OK".

② By app: Click the “Reset Camera Setting” on the app menu. 

③ By camera body: Power the camera and then poke the reset hole on the camera body until all 3 led flash and the camera restarts.


How to update firmware:

Format the card first and then download the bin file to the the card and power the camera with card inserted.

Firmware Update

FWA119M2.bin(37.6 MB)
Version: V1.0_20231116

1. Decrease the interference on the voice commands.

2. Optimized:15S video missed when record constantly in AED parking mode.

3. Fixed: Purple image in dark environment.

4. Fixed: Other bugs.


Here you will find all tutorial videos to help you quickly understand this dashcam and get to use it.

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