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Frequently Asked Questions

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The camera supports cards up to 256GB, we recommend 128GB, you can refer to this when choosing a card.

Constant beeping indicates that the camera is not in the recording, most of such issues are related to the microSD card.

Please use the original car charger cable and format the card to FAT32.

If the issue persists, please download the tool to deep format your card.

If nothing helps we suggest you use a new card. You can refer to the first FAQ regarding the card

Please set the correct time zone manually first. (In consideration of daylight saving). 

Then the camera GPS will update the date and time when it works.

Long press the Bluetooth button till the red light turns blue. Then you can press Bluetooth to take a picture and lock videos.

You can also press the yellow triangle button on the camera to locl videos.

Once triggered by G-Sensor, the camera shall also lock videos automatically. 

The camera comes with all the essential accessories you need, like a car charger and GPS mount.

Optional accessories include HK4 and fuse tap for parking mode, CPL to reduce reflections, Bluetooth Control for remote locking, microphone and VIOFO original cards.

It has a big 2.4'' screen and supports 2K for both front and rear camera, it also supports voice notifications.

The issue may happen with some iPhones . 

Please try to disable the VIOFO APP from accessing cellular data in the setup as below pic.

If you use Android phone, please try to turn off VPN on your phone, or turn on VPN on our VIOFO APP.

Yes, the camera body can be detached from the GPS mount easily. 

So you buy extra accessories and switch the main body between different cars.

The default rear cable is 6M(19.68 feet), and you can buy a longer cable(8M/10M) separately from our store, 

We do not suggest extending it on your own.

First, as the camera needs a constant power supply to record, you need the hardwire Kit (HK4) and fuse tap to take electricity from your car battery, connect the red BAT cable to a port with constant power and the yellow ACC cable to the accessory port (no power when the engine is off), the ACC cable can detect voltage change and then send a signal to the camera, so the camera can switch between parking mode and driving mode freely.

Here is s simulation video.

Please note that hardwire Kit (HK4) and fuse tap needs to be purchased separately.

The transparent stickers are static stickers, which can be attached to your car windshield by static electricity.

Here is the video FYI.

It is normal for the camera to get hot during recording, The dashcam can sustain temperature within -10℃~65℃(5℉~149℉). 

We suggest not exposing the dashcam to direct sunlight or too high-temperature surroundings for too long, it may cause the camera overheating.


How to update firmware:

Format the card first and then download the bin file to the the card and power the camera with card inserted.

Firmware Update

FWA229A.bin (69.8 MB)
Version: V1.1_1208

1. Fix GPS tracking.

2. Other trival bugs fixed.


Here you will find all tutorial videos to help you quickly understand this dashcam and get to use it.

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