A129 Duo

Dash Cam Support

Below is a collection of everything you want to know about this dashcam, covering manuals, latest firmware, FAQs and video tutorials.


Here you will always get the latest firmware of this dashcam.

Firmware Update

FWA129.bin (4.91 MB)
Version: V2.3_20200328

1.   Refine local language translation. 

2. Turn on WIFI in WIFI Station mode automatically.


Here you will always get the latest firmware of this dashcam.

Firmware Update

FWA129N.bin (4.91 MB)
Version: V2.2_20220908

Frequently Asked Questions

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The biggest difference between these products is the video resolution and recording range. You can refer to the following comparison blog for more details. 


You can reset the password to the default number 12345678 by updating the firmware.

All the Viofo rear cables cannot be extended manually. The standard rear cable length for the A129 Series dashcam is 6M. 

If not long enough, you could buy a longer 8M rear cable here.

① Please make sure the hardwire kit is connected correctly and firmly, test the voltage of BAT & ACC. 

Below are YouTube videos showing how to install and test the hardwire kit.



② Use the original car charger or short cable to enter parking mode at home as per the below video, cam can generally enter parking mode after about 5 minutes.

Simulating Parking mode at home.

The square polarizing filter can be applied both in the front and rear camera, it is used to protect the lens and reduce light reflections. 

Other optional accessories include HK3 for parking mode, Bluetooth for remote control, and VIOFO cards.

There are two ways to reset the cam.

① Press the REC light to stop recording and then press the menu button to choose "Default setting" option.  

② Use a toothpick or a paper clip to stick the "reset" hole on the left side of the main camera. 

Please check if you enabled the Screen Saver Mode in the menu, the screen will turn off after the set time, but the camera is still recording.      

We don't suggest keeping the screen always on, it will use more power. 

Most of such issue is related with the memory card, please format the card first. If that doesn't work, you can also try to replace with a new memory card.

Firstly, please make sure the hardwire kit and fuse taps are connected correctly and firmly, if the issue continues, please choose the highest protection rate: 12.4V/24.8V. 

If the low voltage protection does not work, please check if the ACC cable was installed right or not.

Below is a link showing 3 ways to connect to an external battery


It means the current emergency file is being locked and shall not be overwritten by loop recording. It can be triggered manually or automatically. 

Manual Locking : Pressing the triangle yellow button. 

Automatical Locking : When the G-sensor/Parking G-sensor is activated by a collision, its sensitivity can be adjusted from "low to high".

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