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Firmware Update

FWA129P.bin (31 MB)
Version: V2.8_0308

1. Image Quality Optimization. 

2. Other bugs fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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We recommend UHS-I U1/U3 rating, high or max endurance microSD card.

The max size it supports is 256GB, 128GB card will be more stable.

Please check if there is a power supply issue, if you use a 3rd party charger, we highly recommend trying the original car charger and adapter.

Please test both the GPS mount port and camera side port.

It’s normal the dashcam becomes hot during recording. especially for A129 PRO 4K. 

There is a High-temperature protection mechanism inside, the camera adopts heat discharge construction and the built-in sensor can detect the temperature of the main chipset. When the inside temperature reaches a certain degree, the device will automatically shut down to protect itself from overheating.

We do not suggest you expose the camera to high temerpature for too long.

There are GPS mount and non-GPS mount, if you have bought the GPS mount, you may check by the right side of the camera screen. there are 4 situations you may encounter. 

① Green speed and satellite icon: GPS enabled and working, which is totally normal. 

② Red speed and Satellite icon: GPS enabled and searching for signals, it generally happens when you are in the parking lot or somewhere with a poor satellite signal. 

③ "NO GPS" icon and Satellite icon missing: GPS not detected. if you have actually installed a GPS mount, you may need a new one in this case. 

④ Null: GPS disabled.

The camera is freezing, we suggest using basic functions when troubleshooting the issue. 

① Please use the original car charge cable, disconnect the rear cam, disable the Wi-Fi and parking mode to try.

② If the issue continues, please format the card by PC, try a new card if it fails.

③ If issue persists, please update the firmware and reset the camera 

First, please make sure the hardwire kit is connected correctly, use a multimeter to test the voltage.

Choose the highest protection cutoff voltage 12.4V/24.8V. 

You can power by either port, there is not much difference, you can choose the one better for the wiring on your car.

The standard length of the rear cable for the dashcam is 6M. and it can not be extended manually.

There is an 8M longer one you can purchase 

Official website link

Amazon US store link

It can only support 4K 30fps and 2K 60fps at present.

You can reset the password to the default number 12345678 by updating the firmware.

It is the yellow ACC cable that detects the voltage change and switches the camera between parking mode and the driving mode, 

so please recheck the hardwire kit and fuse tap connection. Reset the camera and choose low bitrate parking mode to test again.

① Make sure you use the correct A129 Pro Rear Cable; 

② Check if the rear connection is firm, and if there are any physical traces of damage around the rear port & cable; 

③ Unplug and reconnect the rear cable to see if the rear camera view is shown on the screen. If it still cannot work, then buy a new rear cable for replacement via the following links:

VIOFO Amazon US Store

VIOFO Official Website

Yes, the below video link shows three ways to connect a battery pack to our dashcam.

Three ways to power VIOFO dashcam by a portable charger

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