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Firmware Update

FWA139A.bin (37.5 MB)
Version: V1.6_20220106

1. Support Russian, Turkish, Chinese Voice Notification. 

2. Support long presses the video LOCK button to disable interior cam. 

3. support remembers Wi-Fi status (turn on Wi-Fi automatically if not disabled manually, turn off Wi-Fi if no connection in 10mins). 

4. Add Wi-Fi Station Mode. 

5. Button still functional after camera enter parking mode. 

6. Add Parking Geo-fencing feature (Beta version, still under testing). 

7. Emergency-locked video extended. 

8. Short press the power button to switch the “On / Off / Auto” mode of the infrared LED lights. 

9. Other bug fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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There are 3 options for infrared LEDs: On/Off/Auto. 

It is "On" by default, and videos shall be in white and black. 

You can short press the power button to switch the three options.

The default box comes with all the indispensable accessories you need, 

Optional accessories include HK3-C for parking mode, CPL to reduce reflections, Bluetooth Control for remote control, and VIOFO original cards.

If the camera is beeping continuously, it means the camera is not in the recording, most of such issues are related to the microSD card. You can try the instructions below to solve the issue: 

① Format the card as FAT32 file system, you can format the card from camera menu settings or use the APP to format. For deep formatting, you can also use the tool to format the card deeply. 

If the issue is not solved,  we suggest you use a new card. You can refer to this when choosing a card.

② If you use more than 1 channel, please unplug the back cameras to test if an unstable connection causes the issue.

Please check if there is a power supply issue, 

Please use the original car charger cable and also a 3rd party cable. Please also try other power source.

A firmware update may be needed if nothing helps.

Yes, all channels (Front+ Rear + Interior) can work at the same time, both in driving mode or parking mode, (while you can disable interior camera recording manually by long-pressing triangle button.) 

Movement detected by one channel can trigger recordings in all active channels.

① Please unplug all cables and plug again, making sure the connection is firm and steady, with no wiggling. 

② If the issue continues, please unplug the rear and interior cables, plug the rear cable to the interior port, and vice versa. This is for checking whether the interior nor the rear cam connection is unsteable.

There are two ways to reset the camera: 

① Quick reset by the camera: Long press the yellow triangle and Wi-Fi button simultaneously.

② Click the “Reset Camera Setting” option on the app menu.

Yes, you can long-press the yellow triangle button to turn it off manually, and long-press again to enable again.

No, there is no CPL Filter for the A139 back camera.

There are three ways to format the card: 

① Quick format by buttons: Stop recording first, then long-press the REC button. 

② Click “Format SD Card” on the APP menu. 

③ Use the format tool on your PC, you can also download guiformat program  by below link for deep formatting.


We suggest you format the card periodically to ensure the best performance of the camera. 

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