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Below is a collection of everything you want to know about this dashcam, covering manuals, latest firmware, FAQs and video tutorials.


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How to update firmware: 

Format the card first and then download the bin file to the card and power the camera with the card inserted.

Firmware Update

Front Cam Version: V1.2_0815
FWT130A.bin (4.48 MB)

1.Adjust bitrate

Rear Cam Version: V1.1_0815


1.Adjust bitrate

Frequently Asked Questions

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Micro SD Cards play an important role in dashcams, but not all cards are suitable to be used in dashcams.

We only recommend UHS-I U1/U3 rating, specific endurance microSD card as below pic.

The max size of card our camera supports is 256GB,  128GB size will be preferable.

Three ways to format the card. 

① Quick format by camera button: Long press the yellow triangle button. 

② By VIOFO APP: Choose the "Format SD Card" option on the app setup. 

③ Download the program to PC for deep formating.


We suggest you format the card periodically to ensure the best performance of the camera.

The time zone may be chosen incorrectly, 

① Choose the correct time zone on the VIOFO app first 

② Let the GPS work and it shall correct the date and time.

① Two ways to lock a video: manually or automatically.

Pressing the triangle button manually on the camera or the camera G-sensor takes effect triggered by impact and locks automatically.

②You can make it more convenient by using the Bluetooth control 

Pair the Bluetooth first by long pressing its button until the red flashlight turns solid blue, then press its button and the current video will be locked, and a screenshot will be taken.

Beeping means recording has been interrupted, if you are not holding recording manually, you need to check below two points.

① Memory Card: Format the card by app or computer to FAT32. If the issue persists, please try a card we recommend as per the first FAQ.

② Power Connection: Unplug the back cameras and try both the original car charger and alternative cable, as well as another stable power source.

The dashcam will turn on and begin recording automatically when powered, you can also long-press the red power button to turn it on/off manually. 

Three ways to reset the camera: 

① Quick reset by camera: Press the REC button once to stop recording first, then long press the white MIC and WIFI buttons simultaneously. 

② Poke the Reset hole on the camera body.

③ Reset by APP: Click "Reset Camera Setting" option in the VIOFO app.

You may note password can be back to 12345678 by resetting.

Please replug all cables again and reset the camera.

Make sure you are using the original type-C rear cable, if it still fails, you may try a  third-party cable.

If issue continues, please update the rear camera firmware.

A new rear cable is needed if issue persists.

The issue may happen with some iPhones.

Please try to disable the VIOFO APP from accessing cellular data in the setup as the pic below.

Please also turn off VPN if the issue persists.

The normal download speed is between 1.5-2.5m/s, not as fast as the general routine, and may vary on different phones. 

For daily use, there is no need to keep WIFI on except for basic setups.

There are 3 options for infrared LEDs: On/Off/Auto. 

It is "On" by default, and videos shall be in white and black. 

You can short-press the WiFi button to switch among the three options.

If you want to disable the interior camera from recording temporarily, you can long-press both the white microphone and yellow triangle button, and you can press them again to restart interior recording.

Yes, all channels (Front+ Rear + Interior) can work at the same time, both in driving mode or parking mode, while you can disable interior camera recording manually by long-press both the white microphone and yellow triangle button.

Movement detected by one channel can trigger recordings in all active channels.

The default box comes with all the indispensable accessories you need.

Optional accessories include HK4 and fuse tap for parking mode, CPL to reduce reflections, Bluetooth for remote control, and VIOFO original cards.

You can reset the camera to get the password to default 12345678.

Password will also be reset by firmware update.

It is normal to get hot during recording, there is a heat sink inside the camera. 

The dashcam can sustain temperature within -10℃~65℃(5℉~149℉). 

We suggest not exposing the dashcam to direct sunlight or high-temperature surroundings, it may cause the overheating issue.

You can use a lower bitrate, resolution, and disable WIFI to reduce its consumption.

The default length of the rear cable is 6M, and we do not suggest extending it manually. 

You can get a longer rear cable on VIOFO's official website.

T130 8M rear cable

T130 10M rear cable

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