Unveiling the New VIOFO A229 Pro 3CH, 4K+2K+FHD Dash Cam with Sony STARVIS 2 Sensors

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We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the unrivaled 4K+2K+1080P dash cam - A229 Pro! This new dash cam supports up to 3 channel recordings, all supporting HDR, aimed at capturing every moment with stunning clarity. The A229 Pro features state-of-the-art Sony STARVIS 2 technology in both front and rear cameras, along with an upgraded interior camera with HDR. This dashcam delivers optimal 4K+2K+1080P recording and promises an unparalleled driving experience.

In this blog, we’ll unveil the exceptional capabilities of our new A229 Pro dashcam, exploring the innovative technology and intelligent functions it offers. Are you ready? Let’s embark on now!


4K + 2K +1080P 3-Channel Recording

A229 Pro deploys cutting-edge Sony STARVIS 2 technology for its front and rear cameras, offering unmatched 4K and 2K dual recording. The front camera captures 4K Ultra HD videos at 30fps with a 140˚ viewing angle. The rear camera records 2K Quad HD videos at 30fps with a 160˚ viewing angle. The interior camera records 1080P Full HD videos at 30fps with a 150˚ viewing angle. With Sony’s latest STARVIS 2 tech, the A229 Pro delivers excellent video quality and captures every detail, making license plates and road signs more visible, even in a fast move or from a distance. It is also capable of delivering impeccable exposure even under the most challenging conditions, day and night, in all 3 channels.



Sony STARVIS 2 IMX678&IMX675

Being the first dashcam using dual Sony STARVIS 2 image sensors, A229 Pro sets a new benchmark in the industry. The front camera boasts an 8-megapixel Sony STARVIS 2 1/1.8'' image sensor, IMX678, that packs in more pixels for greater clarity and detail, even in low light. The rear camera features a 5-megapixel Sony STARVIS 2 1/2.8'' image sensor, IMX675, that provides an impressive 2.5 times wider dynamic range in a single exposure than the STARVIS pixel of the same size, capturing exceptionally clear and sharp videos. The two sensors offer a wider dynamic range and higher light sensitivity than the STARVIS tech, bringing much less noise and motion blur during day & night recording.


HDR Supported for All 3 Channels

By virtue of Sony STARVIS 2 & STARVIS technology, the A229 Pro performs remarkably well under various lighting conditions, in front, rear, and interior views. Every captured footage is enhanced with a higher dynamic range and multiple exposures, revealing more details in highlights and shadows. These flagship image sensors, coupled with advanced HDR tech, balance extremely bright and dark areas, accurately restoring 4K and 2K details in nighttime recordings, and even capturing precise license plate details during fast-moving front and rear recordings.

When driving at night, or in high-contrast scenes such as looking toward the exit of a tunnel, headlights from other vehicles or dazzling sunlight can result in glare and overexposure in the video footage. The A229 Pro dashcam with HDR tech can produce an image with details both in bright and dark areas by synthesizing two images, each adjusted to the bright and dark areas. This means you’ll be able to see more accurate license plates, road signs, and other crucial elements. If you’re involved in an accident, the high-quality video footage can help provide reliable evidence for insurance claims or legal proceedings, making your driving safer all the time.


Infrared Cabin Recording

The interior camera leverages Sony STARVIS IMX307 sensor and advanced HDR technology, clearly capturing the entire cabin scene without overexposure. With a built-in IR light sensor, the camera automatically activates its 4 infrared LED lights when it detects low light conditions in the car cabin, enabling it to record sharp black-and-white image details even in complete darkness.

It is also equipped with an IR Cut Filter. The  IR Cut Filter automatically switches filters based on light sensor signals, screening out infrared rays in ample light to restore true color and greatly reducing red or purple hue. In low light, it automatically retracts to allow the lens to utilize all available light, thus significantly improving low-light performance.


Smart Voice Control & Notification

A229 Pro comes with an advanced voice control feature, which allows you to start/stop recording, take photos, turn on/off WiFi, and more with simple spoken commands in multiple languages (English/Chinese/ Russian / Japanese/Vietnamese/Thai). This can be especially handy if you’re driving while you keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Its voice notification supports multiple languages and clearly notifies drivers of setting changes or memory card errors, keeping drivers always fully focused on the road.

The voice control function supports up to 12 voice commands, including:

- Take Photo

- Turn On Audio

- Turn On Screen

- Turn On Wi-Fi

- Show Front Camera

- Show Rear Camera

- Show Both Cameras

- Video Start

- Turn Off Audio

- Turn Off Screen

- Turn Off Wi-Fi

- Lock The Video


Faster 5GHz Wi-Fi Transfer

A229 Pro supports dual-band 5GHz&2.4GHz Wi-Fi, users can select which band to use based on actual needs. The upgraded 5GHz Wi-Fi provides much faster data transfer than the conventional 2.4GHz, ensuring smooth video previewing, downloading, and sharing. With the VIOFO app, you can conveniently transfer files and preview them directly on your phone.


Ultra-Precise GPS Recording & Tracking

A229 Pro features a state-of-the-art Quad-Mode GPS module. By integrating 4 global satellite positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou), Quad-Mode GPS can simultaneously access signals from multiple constellations, achieving positioning faster and greatly improving positioning accuracy and stability.

Whether in urban areas between tall buildings, or mountainous areas with complex terrain, the Quad-Mode GPS takes advantage of the geometric distribution of various satellites to increase 3D positioning precision for a more accurate driving trajectory. It provides detailed location, speed, and time data of the vehicle when playing back the video on the VIOFO App or computer.

Note: Not compatible with GPS module of A229 Duo


Intelligent Parking Mode

A229 Pro also comes with three parking modes (optional HK4 hardwire kit is required), auto event detection, time lapse recording, and low bitrate recording, providing 24/7 surveillance of your car while parked and giving you peace of mind. The dash cam will switch to Parking Mode automatically when the vehicle ignition is turned off, and the parking mode and recording timer can be set in the VIOFO app. The Low Voltage Cut-off function will protect the car battery from excessive discharge.

Auto Event Detection:

If the built-in G-sensor detects an impact or significant movement, it triggers the dash cam to start recording, providing evidence if your vehicle gets damaged while parked. Supported by the buffered function, the dash cam will automatically record a 45-second video for 15 seconds before and 30 seconds after the detected event, ensuring no critical moments are missed.

Time Lapse Recording:

The time-lapse mode condenses long periods into shorter video clips, recording a video at low frames at 1/2/3/5/10fps without audio recorded, which saves storage and power. This is particularly useful for capturing road trips, scenic drives, or lengthy commutes, as it presents the entire journey in a more concise and easily watchable way.

Low Bitrate Recording:

It keeps continuous recording in mini file size with audio recorded, helping save more space on the microSD card.


Loop Recording & Auto Emergency Lock

A229 Pro supports seamless loop recording, which allows for continuous video capture and automatically overwrites the oldest videos with the last ones, freeing drivers from the need to constantly check and clear memory cards. With the built-in G-sensor, the dashcam will automatically lock the ongoing recording file when a sudden impact or collision occurs, preventing it from being overwritten. This feature provides crucial video evidence in the event of an accident, hit-and-run, or other incidents.


CPL Filter

The A229 Pro has CPL Filter included as a standard pack. A circular polarizing lens (CPL) filter can be used to reduce reflections and glare off glass and road surfaces, bringing significantly improved image clarity and contrast.


Final Thoughts

The new 4K+2K+1080P A229 Pro with dual Sony STARVIS 2 sensors is the result of our pursuit of the ultimate in image quality and performance, supporting 4K front, 2K rear, and 1080P interior recording. With the cutting-edge STARVIS 2 and HDR tech, the dashcam captures every detail during day and night recording, in all three channels, exclusively designed for road explorers like you.

A229 PRO is available in 2CH/3CH options, for more information please visit https://viofo.com/content/104-A229-PRO-First-4K-HDR-with-Sony-Starvis-2-IMX678-Sensor-Voice-Control-Dash-Cam/

A229 Pro Presale ends on Sep.30 and orders before this date get a free VIOFO 256GB memory card!




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