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With great anticipation, we officially launched a new version V1.6 firmware for A139 dash camera. What exciting features have been updated this time? Let's take a look at the six new functions below!


1. Infrared LED lights new mode "Auto"


In “Auto” mode, A139 interior camera will automatically turn on/off infrared lights according to different light conditions automatically and capture excellent images. You can short press the power button to switch “On / Off / Auto” mode of the infrared LED lights.



2. Emergency-locked video extended.


From Users’ feedback, some had encountered this situation: a traffic accident happened in an instant, but when collecting evidence, they found that the emergency locked video did not always record the accident completely.

However in latest V1.6 firmware, if you set a 3mins loop recording, there will be two aspects of improvements.

When the emergency lock occurs within the first 15s of the current recording, the cam will lock the current video and the previous video file at the same time, that is, a total of 6 minutes of recording; Similarly, when the emergency lock occurs within the last 15s of current recording, the cam will lock the current video as well as the next video simultaneously.

The duration of the emergency lock video has been greatly extended, which will fully protect your right in case of an accident.


3. Wi-Fi station mode


With Wi-Fi station mode you can connect A139 camera to your Home network, browse and download camera files with a computer/mobile browser which connects to the same Home network, you can also play live view stream with RTSP player(E.g VLC).

For more specific steps, please refer to this blog at the following link:

About A139 WiFi station mode   


4. Camera control unlocked under parking mode.


Are you still troubled by the inability to control the dash cam after turning on the parking mode? Now with V1.6 firmware, the three function buttons - "Power”, “Wi-Fi” and “Lock Video" are free to control in parking mode. That means in parking mode, you’re able to turn on or off the car dashcam, connect or disconnect the Wi-Fi and also, lock the recording file in time.


5. Three new languages were added in voice notification.


Turkish, Chinese and Russian are added to the voice notification, and you can conveniently switch to your familiar language, which will bring you a clear and friendly ultimate sound experience.



6. New intelligent recognition function Parking Recording Geofencing (Beta)


V1.6 firmware adds a useful function of intelligently identifying the geographic location. When you drive back to your garage and turn on Parking Recording Geofencing, the A139 dash cam will automatically acquire the location and shut down parking mode with car flameout

Next time when you drive into the area within 1km from your home again, A139 will intelligently recognize the 1KM range as a “safety fence” where accidents are very likely avoided, and automatically turn off the parking mode.



Of course, parking recording geofencing is not only available at home.

You shall turn off this function and turn it on again. The recorder will reacquire a new geographic location and recognize the new "safety fence".

With this smart function, you don’t need to turn on and off the parking monitoring frequently, which will also protect the car's battery more effectively.

Note: This feature is only for testing now, please download the beta firmware from the below link:

A139 V1.6 Firmware

Viofo will maintain its original intention, attach importance to user feedback and continue to optimize products. All is for your better user experience!


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