Why is the dashcam mounted with adhesive instead of suction cup ?

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When it comes to mounting a dash cam on your car's windshield, you generally have two options: adhesive mounts and suction cup mounts. It sounds like the suction cup mount is convenient, but Viofo still insists on using adhesive mounts for several reasons.


Why should we choose adhesive over suction cup mounts?


1. Simplified Installation

Adhesive mounts provide a straightforward installation process compared to brackets. They come with strong adhesive tape, allowing you to mount the dash cam directly to the windshield or dashboard without any additional tools or drilling.

2. Reduced Vibration

Adhesive mounts offer better stability and vibration reduction since they adhere directly to the surface. This minimizes shaking and movement while driving. In the event of a car crash, suction cup mounts can accidentally detach, resulting in significant inconvenience.

3. Discreet Appearance

Adhesive mounts provide a discreet and clean look as they sit flush against the glass without any visible brackets or clamps. This allows for better concealment behind the rearview mirror, ensuring it doesn't distract you while driving. In contrast, bracket mounts with additional parts can appear slightly bulkier.

4. Versatility

Adhesive mounts can be placed in various locations on the windshield, allowing users to find the optimal position for their dashcam. This flexibility ensures that the camera captures the desired field of view and angle, catering to different preferences and vehicle configurations.

5. Low Replacement Cost

After prolonged exposure to high temperatures and sunlight, suction cup brackets can become stiff or deflated, increasing the risk of them detaching from the windshield. Once the suction cups fall off, they tend to absorb dust and grease, making it even more challenging to reattach them securely. If you want to replace the suction cups by yourself is very difficult and almost impossible. In contrast, Adhesive brackets offer a more reliable solution. Even if an adhesive bracket falls off, Viofo provides a backup adhesive that is easy to replace by yourself.

6. Legal Considerations

In some regions, using brackets or suction cup mounts on windshields might be restricted or even prohibited by law. Adhesive mounts provide a compliant solution, as they do not impede the driver's view or violate any regulations regarding windshield obstruction. By opting for adhesive mounts, you can rest assured that you are adhering to local laws and regulations.


Streak-Free Removal Methods


Viofo now offers two options for removing the dashcam for use in another vehicle. 

Static windshield stickers, which are film-like and non-adhesive, can be attached to the front windshield using static electricity. This allows for repositioning the dashcam without leaving residual marks or requiring extensive cleaning. 

How to use static sticker for dashcam installation?

Alternatively, the GPS mount, which can record speed and route data in the video file, helps you detach the dashcam from a second vehicle with effortless swapping.



For adhesive installations, it is important to wipe down your windshield to remove grease and stains before applying the adhesive. This ensures a secure attachment, minimizing concerns of accidental falling off.


In conclusion, Viofo's insistence on using adhesive mounts for their dash cams is backed by numerous advantages. From simplified installation and reduced vibration to low replacement costs and a discreet appearance, adhesive mounts offer a superior choice for mounting your dash cam. Moreover, their versatility, compliance with legal requirements, streak-free removal methods, and the importance of proper windshield preparation make adhesive mounts the preferred option for securing your dash cam and capturing reliable footage of your journeys.


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