Why Do You Need a CPL for Your Dashcam?

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In the modern world, a dash cam has become an essential device for many car owners. Not only does it provide key evidence in the event of traffic accidents, but it also captures beautiful moments during your driving journey. However, many people may overlook an important accessory for their dash cams — the CPL (Circular Polarizer Lens). In this article, we'll take a closer look at the importance of CPL and explain why every car owner should consider equipping their dash cam with one.


What is CPL? How does it work?

The Circular Polarizer Lens (CPL) is an optical filter commonly used on cameras and dashcams. Its primary function is to reduce glare and reflected light, thereby improving image clarity and color contrast. 

The Circular Polarize lens is designed to remove reflections from surfaces like water, glass, paint, sky, vehicle's dashboard and the list goes on. Meanwhile, the filter lets in natural light. The result is a contrasted image with vivid colors in bright daylight.



The importance of CPL

1. Reduce Reflections and Glare

During driving, direct sunlight on windows, the dashboard, and the road surface can produce strong glare. These glares not only affect the driver's vision but also make the images captured by the dash cam blurry. Installing a CPL can significantly reduce these glares and improve image clarity.

2. Improve Image Clarity and Quality

The main function of a dash cam is to document everything that happens during a drive, providing video evidence when needed. If the video quality is poor, key details may be missed, affecting the validity of the evidence. CPL can improve the clarity of the image, making the footage captured by the dashcam clearer and sharper, ensuring that every detail is accurately recorded. Especially at night, streetlights and headlights from oncoming vehicles can create glare that interferes with dash cam footage. A CPL reduces the interference of these light sources and greatly improves the quality of nighttime video.

3. Enhance Color Contrast

Without a CPL, images captured by a dash cam may appear dull and gray due to excessive reflected light. A CPL filters out unwanted reflected light, enhancing the color contrast of the images and making them look more vivid and vibrant. This not only makes daily recordings more enjoyable to watch but also provides clearer evidence at critical moments.


4. Protect the Camera Lens

In addition to improving image quality, the CPL filter also acts as a shield to protect your dash cam lens from fingerprints, scratches, and dirt, thereby effectively extending the life of your dash cam.


How to choose a suitable CPL?

When choosing a CPL, ensure the size and model match your dash cam lens. Opt for a well-known brand and a high-quality CPL, as inferior products may negatively affect video quality.

For instance, VIOFO has customized CPLs for each dashcam model by adding an antireflection film to improve image quality. Here are some specific CPLs for various VIOFO models:

CPL-100 Filter is designed for front & rear cam of A119V2/A119V3/A119MINI2/A129 DUO/A129 PRO DUO/A129 PLUS DUO 

CPL-200 Filter is designed for front cam of A229/T130/A139/A139 PRO/WM1

CPL-300 Filter is designed for rear cam of A229/A229 PLUS/A229 PRO/A139/A139 PRO/T130

CPL-400 Filter is only designed for the VS1



The importance of a CPL for dash cams cannot be ignored. By reducing glare, improving image clarity, and enhancing color contrast, a CPL can significantly enhance the recording quality of your dash cam, providing clearer and more reliable evidence at critical moments. Whether for daily driving records or accident forensics, a CPL is an accessory worth investing in. To ensure driving safety and image quality, every car owner should consider equipping their dash cam with a high-quality CPL.


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