VIOFO T130 3CH: Most Recommended 3-Channel Dash Camera for Uber, Lyft, and Other Rideshare (TNC) Drivers

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T130, the newest three-channel dashcam of VIOFO, is specifically designed for Uber, Lyft, and other ridesharing (TNC) drivers. It supports 2560 * 1440P 30fps (Front) + 1920 * 1080P 30fps (Interior) + 1920 * 1080P 30fps (Rear) resolution. One of the biggest highlights of T130 is its interior lens allowing it to monitor the driver-side window! What impressive features does it also have? Let’s check out!


Comfort Appearance Design

The interior lens of T130 is built in the main camera with the front lens. That makes the installation much simpler. Meanwhile, the mini-size design of the main camera can make it be hidden nicely below many rearview mirrors.


Rotatable Interior Camera Lens

If you want cover protection to the driver side, T130 can help you realize that! Because the interior camera lens can be easily rotated to record the drivers’ side window.


We recommend you use Bluetooth remote control button with this function together. If you met the cop on the road and they let you stop and walked by your window side to talk with you, you only need to use one finger to slightly push the interior camera toward your window and push down the button, then the whole process will be recorded and saved. That also applies to the other situations like when you see something beautiful or interesting and want to capture it or you’re threatened by a robber or someone illegal by the side window. (Please refer to the operation in this video:


Besides, this function is suitable for both left/ right-hand drive countries! You can set the image simply through the settings of Image Rotation and Image Mirror.


Super Infrared Night Vision

T130 adopts Omnivision Nyxel Interior Image Sensor, which uses Nyxel® NIR technology that performs 2x to 4x better than competing devices and enables the use of lower-power IR illumination in total darkness! With it enhanced, T130 can realize a sharper nighttime image!


Innovated Functions Added

There are also some improvements for T130 on using buttons to realize multiple functions, such as short press Wi-Fi button to set IR off/ on/ auto, long-press Lock button to format the SD card, press the buttons of MIC and Lock together to enable or disable the interior camera, etc.


Except for the above novel features introduced, T130 also possesses some common functions as follows like the other VIOFO dashcams.


Advanced Parking Mode

T130 supports three advanced parking modes: Auto Event Detection, Timelapse, and Low Bitrate Recording. With this function, T130 can save the proof when you don’t stay at the scene once there is an accident happens!


Tips: to assure the dashcam has continuous power to support parking mode when the ignition is off, we recommend using the VIOFO HK4 hardwire kit cable for parking mode recording.


Intelligent Voice Notification

T130 supports voice notification to remind the drivers on setting changes such as “recording, three-channel started”, “video protected” and “Wi-Fi connected”, etc. Then the drivers can focus more on the road and avoid getting distracted by the dashcam.


Built-in Wi-Fi

The built-in Wi-Fi provides rapid transfer speeds when downloading video files. It also enables the connection with the Viofo app on the smartphone for convenient setting changes, live view of the three camera channels, and the playback of the recorded videos.


GPS Built-in Mount

With the built-in GPS mount, you can visualize your speed and position on the computer and easily synchronize the dashcam’s time with your location.


Optional Accessories


We referred to many customers’ needs to design and produce this new three-channel dashcam. Expect to provide unique user experiences for you guys! We also truly thank all volunteer testers for their hard work on T130 testing! Hoping you love this dashcam!


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