Superfast Direct Data Transfer to Smartphone via Type-C to Type-C Data Cable

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With the launch of the iPhone 15 series and its Type-C charging port, we've upgraded our dashcams with Type-C ports too. This enhancement enables users to quickly download recorded footage and easily update firmware. Use a USB 2.0 Type-C to Type-C data cable to directly connect your smartphone for superfast photo and video transfers, as well as effortless dashcam firmware updates. This new connection method is compatible with smartphones like the iPhone 15 series and computers equipped with Type-C ports.


Benefits of Type-C to Type-C Data Transfer

One of the key highlights of this connection method is its ability to facilitate superfast downloads. Through the USB 2.0 Type-C to Type-C cable, users can swiftly transfer photos and video files from the dashcam's memory card to their smartphones. Specifically, the download speed is up to 20MB/s on iPhone 15. No longer is there a need to remove memory cards or employ a cumbersome computer—simply connecting the dashcam to the smartphone allows for quick access to the desired files. This convenience is a game-changer for users who want to promptly save or share their recorded footage.



Beyond file transfer, the Type-C to Type-C connection streamlines dashcam firmware updates. As technology evolves, we will frequently release new firmware versions to enhance product performance or address issues. With this new connection method, users can effortlessly download and install the latest firmware by connecting the dashcam to their smartphones. No additional devices or complicated steps are required.


However, while Type-C to Type-C data transfer offers numerous benefits, users should also be mindful of certain considerations during usage.

1. Ensure that the dashcam supports this connection method.

    All VIOFO dashcam models with type-c power ports support Type-C to Type-C data transfer, including:

    A229 Series: A229 PRO, A229 PLUS

    A139 PRO, A119 MINI 2, VS1

2. Ensure that the smartphone supports this connectivity to avoid compatibility issues.

    This data transfer method is compatible with the iPhone 15 series and newer versions of Android smartphones. The smartphone should support an output of 5V2A.

3. Please use a standard USB 2.0 Type-C to Type-C data cable.


How to Download Video to the Smartphone?

In the case of the iPhone 15 series and Android phones, the operations might be slightly different. Please refer to the following videos for guidance:

How to download video to the iPhone 15 Pro?

How to download video to the Samsung Galaxy S21?


How to Update Firmware on the Smartphone?

Please refer to the following videos for guidance:

How to update firmware on the iPhone 15 Pro?

How to update firmware on the Samsung Galaxy S21?


In conclusion, Type-C to Type-C connectivity revolutionizes data transfer between dashcams and smartphones, providing a seamless solution for firmware updates. The superfast downloads and convenient updates enhance user experience, making footage file management and dashcam maintenance effortless. This is particularly beneficial for users of the latest iPhone 15 series and new Android phone versions.



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