A129 Plus built-in 16GB eMMC Storage

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Recently we released a new model A129 Plus Duo with built-in 16GB eMMC storage, maybe you don't know what is eMMC used for, today we will introduce it for you.

                                                        What is eMMC

eMMC is short for "Embedded Multimedia Card", an internal small storage device made up of NAND flash memory and a simple storage controller. It's called embedded because the storage is usually soldered directly onto the device's motherboard.

Today the eMMC storage is intended for use in portable devices such as digital cameraslaptop, cell phones.

eMMC storage has the same function as microSD card, the camera will automatically use eMMC storage while there is no microSD card or the card has an error, never need to worry about data missing.


             How does it work on A129 Plus Dash Cam

When you don’t insert a microSD card and turn on the camera, there are two popup messages on the screen. The camera will keep recording using the built-in 16GB eMMC storage, and also keep beeping at 10 mins intervals to notify inserting a memory card.


When the microSD card is defective, there are two popup messages on the screen. The camera will automatically switch to 16GB eMMC storage to keep recording and also keep beeping at 10 mins intervals to notify replacing the memory card.



When you playback the video on the camera, there are 2 options Internal Memory & ” SD card”


When you choose format, there are 2 options, “Internal Memory” & ”SD card”, before you format them, remember to save the data on your other device.



Since A129 Plus adopts 16GB eMMC storage at present, the storage space is not large enough to cover daily recording, so, we suggest that the eMMC storage is used for recording temporarily, for your daily recording, an external SD card is still needed.


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