GitUp Git2P Panasonic Sensor 2160P 90° FOV - Pro Edition

GitUp Git2P Panasonic Sensor 2160P 90° FOV - Pro Edition

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2160P 24fps ; 1080P 60fps Video Resolution

16MP Still Photos

90°FOV, No distortion, No fisheye

Support External Microphone, Remote Control

Support TV Out, HDMI Out,  Remote Shutter

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No Distortion
No Fisheye

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GitUp Features


With extremely high resolution options as 2560 x 1440, 30FPS and even 2880 x 2160, 24FPS ( which shows 3840*2160P while playback).


Ensuring that you get enough details and fluid footages under speedy move.


Besides making great videos, 16MP Panasonic MN34120 brings you ultra-performance in photo shooting as well.


Steady your movie and erase the bumps.

Quick Start Recording

One simple press on shutter button could quickly start


One simple press on shutter button could quickly start

AV Out

Supporting instant AV out.

30M Water Resistant

Unique waterproof case design secures your trip down to 30m undersea.

Wrist Remote

Making camera control happens simply on your wrist.

External Mic

Offering you a greater audio enjoyment besides built-in mic.

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video and photo performance

Combining the latest Novatek chip & Panasonic MN34120, Git2P is devoting to preserving your each happy frame and delivering you with the most original & professional & alive videos and images. Find it out with Git2P, you will be amazed!

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Wrist Remote





When your camera is fixed somewhere out of reach such as skiing board, surfing board or biking helmet and you just want to start recording the video, how convenient it would be if you can simply press one button to make it! Yes, that’s how Wrist Remote serves you.

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With embedded Gyro chip and software optimization, Git2P automatically detects each bump during video shooting and stabilize it, restoring you with a smooth, fluid movie when it’s under speedy constant move.

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Sometimes you plan to take the action camera to an exciting live concert and you need a superior audio demand other than the built-in mic? Annoyed? Wait, an external microphone solves your problem just perfectly.

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Simply press once the shutter button to start recording and hold on for two more seconds to start burst shooting, without even bothering to power on the camera. What a convenience!

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AV out

Video output starts automatically the moment you connect the AV OUT cable to the camera. Say goodbye to traditional extra setting work on camera!

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Wanna take an epic photograph while flying high up in the sky? Git2P Remote Shutter allows you to freely switch between video/photo mode through a RC 3-pos switch!

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Wanna explore more possibilities of an excellent action camera as a mini DSLR? Git2P offers you shutter speed control from option Auto, 1/30s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 15s, 20s, 30s to 1min, allowing you to capture an epic photograph even at night, no matter high speed street view or still, object, city or wild.

Shutter Speed

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Data sheet

Video Resolution
2880P HD video:2880*2160;24 fps ; 1440P HD video:2560*1440;30 fps 1080P HD video:1920*1080; 60 fps ; 720P HD video:1280*720;120 fps
Image Sensor
Panasonic MN34120PA Sensor
High quality 7 glass elements ;90°FOV, No distortion, No fisheye
Photo Resolutions
16MP(4608*3456) ;12MP(4032*3024) ; 8MP(3264*2448) ; 5MP(2592*1944)
Video Format
H.264 codec; MP4 format
Time Lapse Photo
0.5 sec / 1 sec / 2 sec / 5 sec / 10 sec / 30 sec / 60 sec
Microphone & Speaker
Built-in Microphone ; External stereo microphone supported
Battery & Charging
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery; Battery Capacity:1000mAh; Battery Life: up to 90 minutes in Full HD mode; USB charging: DC 5V 1000mA
G-senor(shock) ; Gyro-sensor(stabilization ) ; Motion detection
Loop Mode, Auto Start/Stop, Vehicle Identity Text
Remote Control
Supported (Wrist remote control sold separately)
LCD Display
1.5'' ultra bright LCD display

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