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    Here's a review. . .

    FinalCam works for me FN cam also works you can add Fusion Next on the list, also works There is also CameraFi which is a very interesting OTG app. You can also connect to the WiFi of the camera directly and send commands and view it. And beside all of this you can use the RF remote
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    Here's a review. . .

    You already have something like 5-6 free apps on the market that already WORK with the Git1 and also the Git2. This is an action camera, i seriously doubt that those who do "action videos" with it also use a smart phone with it.
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    Git1 vs SJ5000WiFi

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    Git1 vs SJ4000+ vs M10+

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    Git2 Unboxing Review - by Techtronic9000

    Also HERE is the full written review of Git2 that contains test, photos gallery, comparisons and part of the features explained