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    Front and Rear Files not in sync

    I have detected that if the file length is longer than 1 minute (even sometimes when it is one minute fails 1-2 seconds but at the end sync again), the files desync a lot, not just a few seconds. this is an example of 10 minutes recording after 1 hour was 2 minutes delay, after 3 hours 5...
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    Viofo A129Pro Duo Parking mode Auto Event detection with G sensor but without motion detection

    Dear Viofo I really wish to have the option to configure the camera for parking mode with auto event detection but with motion detection off or really "very low", then just record in the SD card when G-sensor triggers it. If you left your car in a public area almost full time is recording and...
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    Viofo A129 Pro Duo Bitrate configuration doesn't work

    Hello, I am new with this camera and I have been tested all the features (pending parking that is in progress). Conditions: The camera has the firmware v2.4 from the origin, but I have also tested the V1.6 with the same result. USB plug in the camera not in the GPS (GPS works well). Front...