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    Viofo A129 Pro Duo Bitrate configuration doesn't work

    But when you change the option it just records always with the same bitrate, the one I attached in the first post.
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    Parking mode question

    I am testing parking mode autodetection in the car under sun.... Never stay stable more than few hours, always freeze. I have to disconnect the power every time the sun hits the car. Now I am in Spain with 34 degrees under the shadow. I will try without the rear camera and time lapse. PD...
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    Parking mode question

    I already test with several firmwares, and every time you reload a firmware the camera resets to default. The rear camera seems to be ok. During my 5 day test interior no problem with rear camera. This only happends with intensive activity no with light activity. It just takes 2-3 seconds to...
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    Parking mode question

    I have a 12.4V powerbank. The connection is through the USB port (not the GPS). I always test it with the rear camera, it doesn't make sense to test the DUO with only the front camera. I try low-Bitrate (30Mbps) recording in parking and timelapse, they are stable but I don't like at all to...
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    Parking mode question

    I use a 256GB SanDisk HIGH ENDURANCE It is a new SD card... so don't need to reformat it just format it in the camera. I have had also during 2 days the camera inside the home (26-28 ºC) testing and...
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    Parking mode question

    Hello, with time-lapse no problem, but with event detection is not reliable. Some times I have black hours without any recorded and that is impossible. Normally detects the cars movement without problem... but then 6 hours with nothing and all parked cars has changed. And again 4 hour...
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    Parking mode question

    So in theory the parking movement will overwrite the normal driving content and the G sensor will lock the files and store them in a specific folder? That doesn't explain why in this case between 10:30AM and 2:58PM nothing is recorded. The only possible justification is the battery voltage...
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    Front and Rear Files not in sync

    I have detected that if the file length is longer than 1 minute (even sometimes when it is one minute fails 1-2 seconds but at the end sync again), the files desync a lot, not just a few seconds. this is an example of 10 minutes recording after 1 hour was 2 minutes delay, after 3 hours 5...
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    In correct time stamp

    My Camera was in sync with the telephone, and with GMT +1 that is correct... but VIOFO doesn't have summer time, so during summer you have to set GMT +2 (one hour more) if not when syncs with GPS you will have one hour less in the metadata.
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    Application not saving settings

    Does it was in parking mode? Sometimes in parking mode start to record while you are in the APP then no settings is stored.
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    Parking mode question

    I have made a lot of experiments with parking mode, the sensitivity of the motion depends a lot on the light scenario. If you have set the motion in low could be that during the morning almost no content in the street (I don't think so) and then during the afternoon full of content. Remember...
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    Firmware Update Issues 2.4

    that symbol appears when you switch from H264 (60Mpbs) to H265 (50Mpbs)
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    Viofo A129Pro Duo Parking mode Auto Event detection with G sensor but without motion detection

    I was thinking that the best possible solution to this problem is just to record the movement but NOT lock it, only lock the files triggered by the G-sensor, then we will have the best of both worlds, only store when it is movement (doesn't make sense to store a static imagen) but with very low...
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    Viofo A129 Pro Duo Bitrate configuration doesn't work

    Do you plan to fix this issue, many people would like to have H265 50 Mbps, 30 Mbps, 20 Mbps, 10 Mbps... in my testing when I recode the videos with a lower bit rate than 50mps the loss quality is negligible, so it is worth it to drop down to 30 Mbps or 20 Mbps for most users, if not you are...
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    Auto delete locked files

    Is it still persistent this problem in 2.4 firmware? Would be possible to have a "very low" and "off" motion detection so just record -15s+30seconds when the G sensor is activated? so we don't overwrite all the protected files with just cars passing in front? Regards.