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    HK3/Parking mode issue

    I have tried everything, no any improvement, I had a constant issues with this camera. Issues with parking mode, sometimes the camera doesnt turn on, so I must disconnect a cable and connect again, some videos missing... my final solution was to take it and smash it on the floor as much as I...
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    HK3/Parking mode issue

    Hi, my issue is ongoing for 1 year now, and it's happening only when the camera is powered from the HK3. If the camera is powered from USB charger, everything is just fine, no any issues at all. So, what's happening: -if parking mode is enabled, it will switch to parking mode after few minutes...
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    How to connect a power bank between Hardwire HK3 and the dashcam?

    Input voltage of the HK3 is 12V, and output voltage from powerbank is 5V, so... no way.
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    Missing files

    I'm solved my problem by installing latest firmware
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    A129 Pro Duo 4K footage in IMovie

    I'm using OpenShot video editor
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    Missing files

    I have simillar, or maybe same issue. What I'm noticed is that this is happening only when my card is full, and camera should start deleting oldest videos on the card, but actually it's deleting only the oldest videos from the last driving.