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    Error Code 1001: The request timed out

    Try turning off cell data.
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    Problems with 1.6, Downgrade to 1.2 again?

    60 is only possible with 2 channels. Once you plug the 3rd channel in, you loose the 60fps option.
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    version 2.7 - parking mode - auto event detection

    After the update, be sure to manually default the cameras settings, then press and hold the hard reset button on the side of the camera for about 5 seconds.
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    Parking mode draining battery?

    Sounds like it's connected properly if it enters and exits parking mode correctly. All parking modes will consume power. The draw between the different modes is minimal. Newer cars computers systems will alert you of a power draw, so I don't think there is much you can do here, unless you...
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    What are the causes of busted / blown capacitors?

    Then it's still under warranty. You should have had it replaced instead of taking it apart.
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    A129 plus duo powers off constantly

    Looks like possible poor power. How are you powering it? Are you using the included 12V car adapter and Viofo power cable?
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    90° cable connectors
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    Awful quality following firmware update

    The cameras settings default automatically when changing firmware, but manually defaulting the settings in the menu should be done as well. Did you do this? If not, you should. This will ensure there is no leftover values from the previous firmware messing with the new firmware.
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    Awful quality following firmware update

    Be sure to manually default the cameras settings in the menu (it's an option in the menu) after any firmware change. You should then also press and hold the hard reset button on the side of the camera for about 5 seconds.
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    Same problems as everyone.

    What was the measured voltage at the fuse for the red wire when the red LED inside the HK3 was not lit? What did you have the kit set to?
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    A139 3CH Recording Issue

    Sounds like a poor cable connection or bad cable. Make sure they are fully seated. It should take some effort/force to get them to seat properly. When properly seated, they should not be very easy to remove. Also, the SanDisk Ultra cards are not a good choice in dash cameras. Get the SanDisk...
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    Cables not going all the way into the connector.

    They take some force to get them to snap in firmly. Once in correctly, they should not be easy to remove.
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    Queries: Viofo 129 Duo
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    Queries: Small battery inside dashcamera

    That is the rtc battery. It holds the time and date.