WM1- The Simplest Dashcam Ever in VIOFO Lineup?

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WM1 is VIOFO’s latest, simplest dash cam with no display. Powered by a Sony STARVIS image sensor, WM1 records in stunning 2K Quad HD, capturing super clear footage during day and night, a step up from the common 1080P resolution of other screenless dash cams on the market.

The WM1 has no screen, effectively reducing the heat generated by the camera, and is naturally smaller, plus invisible wiring keeps your car tidy and beautiful. Now, follow me and seek how this small-sized camera performs its versatility.


Hidden Installation

WM1’s small form factor and tubular design that forgoes the display make it easier to use and perfectly sit behind your rear-view mirror. You can also fix it exactly below the rear-view mirror for convenient operations. The small body and invisible wiring installation enhance the beauty of your car’s interior space. It won’t obstruct your sight, fitting all types of cars, and is barely noticeable from outside of your vehicle, which greatly reduces the chances of being stolen.


Elaborate Design

The rotatable camera mount is fixed on the back of the dashcam, thus its overall size is smaller than other screenless dashcams with mounts on their top. This improved design enhances hidden installation and provides multiple angles to fit your needs, allowing an optimal viewing angle in various mounting positions and vehicles.

We design the Type-C interface on the mount instead of the camera, making the wiring more invisible and beautiful. Also, the Type-C port features reverse insertion and faster transfer.

WM1 has a bigger emergency lock button, the user can easily click to lock the file providing evidence at the scene for insurance claims and traffic disputes. In addition, there is a raised dot on the button for easier identification by the user.


2K Quad HD 30fps

WM1 supports recording in stunning 1440P QHD at 30fps, capturing essential details like road signs and number plates during day and night. 135˚ angle provides a clearer and broader view and enables you to capture all of the surroundings when driving to reduce blind spots. You can immerse yourself in your journey and it records videos just as you see them in your eyes.


Sony STARVIS Image Sensor

WM1 is equipped with a 1/2.8-inch Sony STARVIS image sensor. The sensor IMX335 provides Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology, which automatically balances the exposure over highlights and shadows to pick up more details in dark, greatly performing night vision at a low-light environment to make driving more safer and reliable at night.

For example, in very bright conditions, such as when the sun is shining directly into the camera lens, the dashcam can reduce overexposure by evening out the light levels. In very dark conditions, such as when driving through a tunnel or at night, the dashcam can improve image quality by increasing the overall brightness of the image.


Built-in Wi-Fi

The 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection allows for easy transfer and viewing of footage, as well as changing settings on the dashcam via the smartphone app. Drivers can quickly live view, playback recorded videos as desired, and download or share video files with family, friends, or an insurance company in the event of an incident.


Intelligent Parking Modes

WM1 has three intelligent parking modes, Auto Event Detection, Time Lapse Recording, and Low Bitrate Recording, which guard your car even when you’re not there, giving you peace of mind every day, everywhere.

① Auto Event Detection

Automatically record for 35s when detecting moving objects or impacts during parking. Optimized with the buffered function, its 35s-video recording starts 5 seconds before and ends 30 seconds after the detected event.

② Time Lapse Recording

Record a video at low frames at 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 10 fps without audio recorded, saving storage and power.

③ Low Bitrate Recording

Keep recording continuously in mini file size with audio recorded, saving more space on the MicroSD card.

(Note: HK4 Hardwire Kit is needed for parking modes.)


Built-in GPS Module

With the GPS Logger, WM1 provides detailed location, speed, and time data of the vehicle when playing back the video on VIOFO App or computer. Perfect in any insurance claim situations.


Auto Emergency Lock

Triggered by the built-in G-sensor, the dashcam can automatically detect a sudden collision/crash and lock the footage to prevent the video from being overwritten. The accident scene can be authentically recreated for your peace of mind.


Voice Notification

WM1 features intelligent voice notification which acts like your little assistant and keeps you notified of dashcam events like video protected, settings changes, and memory card errors. You just keep fully focused on the road with no worry about missing any moments.


Optional Accessories

Optional extras can also be purchased to further enhance the user experience.

HK4 Hardwire Kit

When the engine is turned off, the HK4 hardwire kit will ensure continuous power for parking monitoring and provide low-voltage protection for a car’s battery. What’s more, its ACC function can automatically switch between parking mode and normal recording without waiting.

Circular Polarizing Lens (Optional)

The Circular Polarizing Lens reduces reflections and glare from the window glass and road surfaces and effectively works in the same way as polarised sunglasses significantly improving image quality and contrast in many situations.

Bluetooth Remote Control (Optional)

The Bluetooth Remote Control can be positioned at a convenient location allowing for safe and easy use while driving. Pressing the button will instantly lock the current video clip and image.


Final Thoughts

Overall, the WM1 is innovative and born out of a shared love of good design & high quality. Its small and simplistic design is perfect for concealed installation, no matter what model of the car you have. To learn even more about the WM1 experience, head over here.


The WM1 is now available from VIOFO Official Website. We provide $20 off and a free VIOFO 64GB memory card for you. Grab limited gifts before Feb.28!



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