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In Wirecutter's latest round of testing, the VIOFO A229 Pro earns the title of “The Best Dash Cam” in 2024.


Wirecutter, the popular and reputable product recommendation service from The New York Times, makes decisions regarding the products based on editorial and product testing standards. Wirecutter has been described as a competitor to Consumer Reports. It combines independent research with (occasionally) over-the-top testing to help people find just what they need.


How Wirecutter picked and tested

"Before choosing which dash cams to test, we spent hours researching the specs and features of over 420 models, including 40 in the most recent round alone. We read reviews from Autoblog, BlackBoxMyCar, CNET, Digital Trends, PCMag, Popular Mechanics, Reddit, T3, and TechRadar, as well as customer reviews and ratings. We also perused some driving legislation and insurance claims, and we watched hours of dash-cam footage on YouTube."

Photo: Wirecutter/Geoffrey Morrison


This testing evaluated six main criteria - 4K resolution, night vision, HDR, 24-hour parked-car monitoring, sufficient field of view, and supercapacitor power supply - and other user-friendly features such as easy-to-use controls, easy-to-read display, effective mounting system, Wi-Fi and smartphone app, GPS receiver, and multiple cameras.


Why the VIOFO A229 Pro becomes Wirecutter's pick

“After researching more than 400 models and testing 61, we’ve found that the best overall dash cam is the Viofo A229 Pro. It delivers clear and sharp 4K video, is easy to use, and has useful features, like GPS and 24-hour parking monitoring. It comes in 1-, 2-, and 3-channel versions, to suit your specific needs.”


“ Its video quality is as good as or better than any dash cam we tested.”  

"Thanks to a modern Sony Starvis 2 (IMX678) image sensor, the A229 Pro can record low-noise images in low light and colorful, high-contrast images in bright light." Equipped with the latest dual Sony STARVIS 2 image sensors for front and rear cameras, the A229 Pro delivers clear and sharp 4K+2K video with lower noise and less motion blur during the day and even at night. A lot of dashcams only use 1080P cameras in the rear, while the A229 Pro utilizes 2K cameras which help capture additional details behind you. HDR(High Dynamic Range) is employed to capture more detail in extremely bright and dark areas and recognize clear license plates in high-speed motion. The 4 infrared lights of the interior camera aid in recording bright video in dark car cabins.


"It can withstand extreme temperatures."

"The A229 Pro instead uses a supercapacitor, which maintains enough charge to save a video and shut down the camera when you turn off your car. This also allows the camera to operate from -4 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit."


“The app is easy to use.”

"Once you turn on the camera’s Wi-Fi and connect to it with your phone, the Viofo app (iOS, Android) lets you watch and download videos. On playback, you can see where each video was recorded on a map, courtesy of the built-in GPS receiver. There are also extensive settings, including camera exposure and video quality adjustments."


“Multiple camera options are available.”

The A229 Pro comes in 1-, 2-, and 3-channel versions. The front camera records 4K video, and the rear camera records in 2K, while the interior one records in 1080P. 


“It has fast video download speeds.” 

"If your phone supports it (as most do), the camera can create a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network for faster downloads. Some modern phones might also be able to download via a Type-C cable directly between the camera and the phone."


“Installation is easy.”

"The camera comes with a sticky pad on a flat mount that securely attaches to your windscreen. If you need to take it off and readjust, a plastic lever tool is included in the box (ostensibly to help remove your car’s interior trim), and it easily pops the mount off. You can also remove the camera and leave the mount, if desired."


“A hardwire kit is available.” 

When the car is turned off, the hardwire kit draws power to enable parking monitoring for the dashcam. The A229 Pro provides three modes of recording - auto event detection, time lapse recording, and low bitrate recording, ensuring 24/7 continuous recording. 


“There are useful included (and optional) accessories.” 

"The 12V adapter that comes with the A229 Pro has an additional USB port so you can charge a different device. A included circular polarizing lens (CPL), an option with some cameras and not available at all with others, can cut down on dashboard glare in certain lighting conditions, and it can improve the look of the videos by adding contrast. Not included but available separately is a Bluetooth remote control that you can click to permanently save the clip currently being recorded."


“It has a one-year warranty.”

"The A229 Pro has a one-year warranty. If you register your camera with Viofo, it will add an additional six months, bringing the total to 18 months."


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Why VIOFO A229 Pro is your ideal choice

- Cutting-Edge Dual STARVIS 2 Image Sensors

- 4K+2K+1080P Video Recording

- 3-Channel HDR

- Voice Control

- 5GHz Wi-Fi

- Super Fast Type-C Data Transfer

- Ultra-Precise GPS

- 3 Parking Modes


Get your A229 Pro now for a brand new driving experience!

VIOFO Official Website

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